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    Best Wishes, Ciara & Russ! I’m Still Smiling

    I rarely give a shit what celebrities do outside of their work product. I couldn’t care less about their personal lives, their new babies or their award shows. You will never hear me say, “_____ got robbed at the Oscars!” Frankly, IDGAF and I think that’s pretty fair because celebrities don’t care about me either. None of them sent me condolence bouquets or began a Instagram hashtag when my whole team got stiffed on our bonuses a one year. BUT, When I first laid eyes on Ciara and Russell’s engagement video via a Facebook friend, I was actually a little shocked at my reaction. A toothy smile, usually reserved for  beach vacations and the receipt of…

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    Last Minute Luxe: Valentine’s Day Gift Flip

    Valentine’s Day is approaching and if you are in a relationship, I have a feeling that all you’ve been thinking about is you. What will he give me? Where will he take me? Me, me, me.   In the words of TLC, what about your friends? Valentine’s Day can evoke some pretty negative emotions if you’re single and looking. Hell. Have you considered that this “holiday” basically celebrates the fact that your girl is partner-less. Have you considered how she feels? What is she gonna get? Where is she being taken? Of course, some of your single girlfriends are happy and oblivious. But there’s a subset of your girls who are trying…

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    Six White Dresses for All White Everything

                  slip dress | one shoulder stunner | this dress | anchor’s away | winged wonder | goddess maxi So it is said that Monday, September 3 is the last day of this year that white can be worn unless maybe you’re a nurse stuck in a uniform time warp.  Although I normally won’t let anybody who’s not contributing to the daphne debauchee wardrobe fund tell me what to wear and when, I’ll play along.  You look kind of dumb in January wearing a white cotton eyelet mini-dress with your snow boots. So as the official end of summer nears and that awesome three…

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    the bigger the better

    Giant bags as a fashion statement may be so eight years ago, but I am still captivated by their allure in 2012.  I don’t feel right unless my bag is knocking merchandise off the tables and hip checking passersby as I examine possible new bag purchases at Dose Market.  Hell, I gotta lotta stuff. I love me some them.  What do you think? Clockwise from the right: Reed Krakoff ‘Gym’ Leather Tote / M Z Wallace ‘Metro-Large’ Nylon Tote / Bottega Veneta Nero Patchwork Intrecciato Nappa Lido Bag / Bottega Veneta Shadow Intrecciato Nappa Convertible Bag / Cast of Vices Corner Store Leather Tote / Acne Piers Tan tote /…

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    summer sucks / i dream of fall

        vBecks leather legging 1. sweet sweater, cuff, pussy platforms 2. best blouse evah, phurry patchwork perfection , ring, super ring, blue suede boots, crossbody classic 3. jacket, stripes, necklace/bow tie, clutch, shoes/spats As the perspiration glistens on my skin while commuting downtown only to be greeted by indoor temperatures equivalent to those of the Arctic, I dream of fall.  Because I hate summer.  Yeah, I said it.  Hate may seem like a strong word even though there are a few things I enjoy about summer – al fresco dining, the giddiness on the faces of city dwellers, street festivals.  But none of those things make up for 90+ temps, not knowing how to dress appropriately for work and the ubiquity of flip flops.…

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    This that ish ‘d’ don’t like

      Although I usually try to keep it very positive, there are certain things I don’t like.  So that we can get to know each other and as a tribute to Chief Keef’s  (actually Kanye’s remix) I Don’t Like, here is a list of ten things daphne debauchee don’t (doesn’t – I just can’t) like. People who use the term “red bottoms” Excuses Men/women who don’t like me Thongs Fake designer bags, fake flowers Kitten heels Cheap booze Brunches with bottoms Canvas monogram Coach bags Patriarchy/misogyny that creates systems that crush women and their sexuality with their rules…woooooo-saaaaaah

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    A Wedge Between

    I hurt my back a few weeks ago.  I hurt it bad.  Pain, the likes of which…ok, that’s enough.  You get it.  I was messed up.  So for the first time in many, many years, I was forced to wear sneakers outside of a gym.  The humiliation and defeat was great.  Actually, I am hanging my head in shame as I type.  Thankfully, I have healed to around 95% and I am more than ready to slip my feet back into some 4 inches or better.  My massage therapist thinks that I need to pace myself though.  Since kitten heels are not an option, I think I need to up…