Drinking holidays make me happy. Le 14 de juillet. Bastille, baby.

I think I’ve perfected many different cuisines, but I’ve stayed away from French because I always thought all that butter, cheese, etc. leaves too much room for error.  Can you say scorched to freakin’ death?

But for Bastille Day, I thought I would man up and at least try something not so difficile.  When I consulted the net, the croque monsieur was repeatedly described as an easy French dish.  And face it, who doesn’t love a ham-n-cheese in any language?

The difference between good ole ham-n-cheese made in the US of A  and the French variety is the addition of béchamel sauce.  I was apprehensive but soldiered on like G and guess what?  It was divine.  A fancy, way less spicy…let’s keep it real, a French Rotel dip.  Mmmmm hmmmmm.

Slather that bad boy on top, layer on yummy gruyere (I used smoked) and now you’re talking.  I’m washing it down with a white burgundy.  I’ll move on to the champagne as pre-game.  Enough typing now; time to get in these streets.  Bonne fête, bishes!


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