Unapologetically devoted to overindulgence.

Come by here when you need a break from the heaviness of it all.

This is a salute to debauchery, but not debauchery as you have been taught.  This type of debauchery is patriotic.  It is the pursuit of happiness.  It is two arms embracing the bosom of fun, frivolity, food, fashion, chilling and doing what feels good.

Rather than spending my precious few in reflection of ways I can reduce my carbon footprint, I am more likely in pensive contemplation of why my neighborhood market no longer stocks Ten Cane.  What the hell? I never saw a single dusty bottle on the shelf.  But I don’t limit my musings to the whereabouts of beloved spirits.

I also ponder other mindful topics.  How many extra hours will I be forced to work to afford my vacay to the Maldives? Are the lace overlay shoes truly a necessity or a want or do I really care? If I were to corner that new recruiter guy in his office and proposition him in the most inappropriate way ever, would he report me for sexual harassment?  Why does Nutella taste so good?

The problem with my interests and way of thinking is that society, media, the man (however he manifests himself to you) tries to control the very essence of us all.  Eat this, not that.  The purpose driven life.  Think like a woman; act like a man.

It’s not that I don’t care about anything.  Several things, causes, people not only grab my attention but shape and enrich my life.  (Full disclosure: I boycott everything; some have lasted well over a decade.) I just choose not to wrap myself in a purpose driven pashmina and feign saintly qualities to fool the masses into thinking I’m more serious, smarter, or more altruistic than they are.

When it comes down to it, most of us (not just girls) just wanna have fun.  We want to indulge in wine, not for health benefits but to savor and then get wasted. We want to eat foods dipped in butter.  We want to do it, and do it well, with whomever we damn well please.  We all want the laser cut Giuseppe Zanotti boots.  All meaning me.

daphne debauchee is not here to enlighten or to answer all the questions.  daphne debauchee is here to provide shelter for all those who choose to submit to their desires.   Do you want to buy a fur?  Do you want to lie in bed all Saturday and do absolutely nothing and not be judged? Do that.  All I ask is that you, as forementioned, do it well (and on really high thread count sheets).


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