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And haven’t you heard anyway? Cortisol is the real enemy. Cortisol is that stress hormone thing that builds up and makes us all fat. STRESS HORMONE. Guess what helps to reduce stress and hence cortisol? The gym’s amenities like steam, sauna, whirlpool, and massage do. Here you are pounding the hell outta your knees when you should be having several seats in the whirlpool and sauna.

My gym’s steam room is my prayer closet away from home. I sit in a cloud of steam in a room with no windows and I talk to God. I workout after work so our conversations are next level, as you can imagine. 

Ok, no it’s not quite that easy, but don’t just hop off the treadmill and head home. Since you’re paying to be there, get your money’s worth. Get the TOTAL (body AND mind) fitness package they sold you on in their original pitch. 

I understand that I may be sinking ships with my loose lips. The amenities’ lack of popularity benefits me because I almost never have to share (all by my lonesome in the that sauna and whirlpool, aaaaaahhhh) and I get my massage appointment anytime I want. However, because I am acursed with an unselfish nature ;-), and I just want more people to feel good so they can start projecting that good into our world, I give you the the following gym maximization tips …

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  1. Yesss, honey! Queen of vegans??????

    1. You are the best! Thanks for stopping by! I will post new stuff weekly.

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