You may have noticed that I often tag social media posts with #giveupthatshitandfly. That’s because of Ms. Morrison’s quote from Song of Solomon. About five years or so ago, I decided I wanted to fly and I was willing to give up anything that weighed me down.

Life happens. Things rocked my world, so some days I took two forward and other days, I took 15 back.

Today, I am embracing that this is just part of it and I can honestly say that FINALLY most of my steps are forward-facing. I also have learned enough about myself and where I fit in the world, to course correct quickly. OR like Pastor Hannah from New Life often says, “get back on my square.”

All of this is to say that on this page, I’ll reveal “my square.” JESUS, joy, wellness, mindfulness, body, health, weight loss, and relationships. My hope is that I can give real insight that will help you along your own “flight plan.”

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