Have You Tried Acids?

If you’re my age, or just simply an American woman inundated with ageist, beauty-obsessed programming, you CARE about your skin A LOT. Although I don’t agree with media and beauty industry’s tactics, I don’t see a thing wrong with being concerned about your face. After all, it’s the thing most people see first when they meet you. Why not give them something dewy and fresh to look at?

The after acid glow.

As I take a quick survey of my skin care tings, I notice that they mostly fall into two lovely categories – oils and acids. This post will focus on my latest love, the acids. Acids have always been a focus because exfoliation is VERY IMPORTANT. Exfoliation is what helps your products actually work.

They’ve become even more important to me because of my birthday big chop. Rockin’ the baldie has made me all the more interested in products that exfoliate and help me to avoid shaving woes like razor bumps and irritation. 

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